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We all know the power of prayer so please send some our way. Bob has a brain bleed in his right temple/head. Just admitted to DMH in decatur intermediate care. They are taking him off Coumadin and giving him some plasma. Hope all is good by tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers.

I've often been asked this question. Great explanation on how to find a compromise in taking Vitamin K if you are taking warfarin coumadin.

So happy today, No more injections in my stomach and I was able to get Eliquis instead of Coumadin (which doesn't require weekly lab work like Coumadin does)

Getting released in about a half hour finally get to go home I'm really feeling much better I do have a fibrillation I will be on coumadin for the rest of my life so I guess I'm going to have to take it a little easy but I really feel good now it's a blood thinner that's already in me thanks everybody they cared about me love you all

Complaint: I've been put on warfarin because I was in atrial fib for 7 hours. This could lead to a blood clot therefore a blood thinner, such as warfarin (Coumadin) is necessary. BUT! You can't eat really green leafy vegies because they contain vitamin K which can interfere with the effectiveness of the Coumadin.
To top it all, green tea is also a no-no because it too contains too much Vit K. So what's my favorite drink? Lipton ice tea in the bottles which is made with green tea! This really bugs me because I usually guzzle the stuff! Now I can't! AHHHHHHH!!!!

The kids and I were in a 4 car wreck today. We are all okay. I'm still at the ER waiting to have my legs looked at by a catscan as my calves are extremely sore and my left one is swollen up really big and with me being on Coumadin I have to make sure there is no internal bleeding. We've been here since 1pm.
My car took the most impact as I was hit from behind by a large Dodge truck carrying a heavy steel trailer with solid walls. The truck hit me and its trailer detached and hit the truck which then hit me again knocking me into the car in front of me which knocked that one into the truck in front of it.
Will be glad to see when he makes it in.

Here at the Coumadin Clinic. Let's see where I am today. Numbers have been a little wonky of late. It's all good though. Living the dream.

Update on Daddy......the heart cath has been postponed for the 2nd time due to his Coumadin level being too high. He also had a CT and Ultrasound of the abdomen which shows inflammation of the gallbladder. We are now waiting for the Surgeon to come talk to us about those findings.
Dad has been in a lot of pain and is very weak. He is getting pain meds as often as he can and has been trying to rest. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you who has prayed for him. Please continue to pray.....

well all kinds of good news today went to my hiv doctor and my cd4 count is up to 400 with no signs of the virus in my system so i guess i can say i beat hiv/aids was taken of three meds and oxygen no longer have to have my coumadin levels checked every three days now only once a week feeling great now to work on kidneys wich will be dyalysis eveything is looking up heart is doing great

Agree! If you are taking Warfarin or Coumadin, before totally avoiding Vitamin K in your diet, CONSULT your doctor first. I did for my dad since he's on Warfarin and approved his intake of the Essentials at once a day dose to help my dad be healthier. Good thing I asked (it is a case to case basis). So don't be afraid to consult the experts first, it's your health. It should not be taken for granted.
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Thank you Jesus! I finally got an answer from someone about my coumadin! Now I know what to do with myself and it has gave me some relief! Im sorry about my other post I feel bad because I do not know what that woman may be going through, does it excuse her attitude to me? No it does not but she maybe having big problems or dealing with a death, her own health problems anything. I apologize for my behavior.

I know you hear diet advice, and the latest diet trend but people are not professionals! They don't get 5 years of clinical and professional experience and education needed to understand the physiology and how the body functions. Nutrients are very complex and can interact with so many things. An example is someone recommends "fish oil" because they "heard" it's healthy....well what if that person is on Coumadin, which is a blood thinner oil thins the they could be exercising or playing a sport, get hit, and internally bleed. Or someone says to "eat spinach" because they heard "dark leafy greens are healthy." Again spinach has a high vitamin K content, which has blood clotting properties and can interact with medicine. People are not licensed like dietitians to give medical advice and so many people play doctor. Only dietitians are qualified to understand food and nutrient drug interactions, which is very important. Anyone can call themselves a "nutritionist" so be cautious of the advice they give you. Only "registered dietitians" are licensed to recommend supplements or meal plan. Please be careful!